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Generator Excitation Systems

RMPS, Inc. has Field Service Engineers that are experienced in all types of excitation systems, from old shaft driven DC rotating generator exciters with amplidyne control, rotating exciters, alterex, or static exciters. Our engineers are experienced in the static exciters from buss fed SCT-PPT exciters with analog regulators to the newer digital DECS2100 regulator and excitation systems.

These Field Engineers are familiar with the excitation systems of small generators used on industrial units to large fossil utility size generators. Many of the smaller generators utilize an Electric Machinery Rotating Exciter and OEM voltage regulator. While others use a buss fed static exciter. The RMPS, Inc. Engineers are experienced in Hydro, Steam and Gas turbine generator systems and up to 900 megawatts. Our Field Engineers are factory certified and provide both commissioning and start up services for OEM's and end users.

RMPS, Inc. also provides retrofitting and upgrading services for the excitation systems, incorporating newer and more effective technology that ensures that your equipment continues performing well beyond its lifetime with the following services:

  • Retrofits of all sizes, along with new installations.
  • Providing turn-key installations, as well as plant-support options.
  • Engineering support based on strong upgrade project experience.
  • Feasibility studies for decision-support in upgrades
  • Power System Stabilizer Tuning and Studies

The following is a partial listing of the exciter systems applicable to Hydro, Steam and Gas turbine generators, that RMPS, Inc. can service and support:

  • Cutler Hammer / Basler ECS2100 Excitation System
  • Westinghouse MGR, WDR, WTA
  • EM Rotating Exciters VR Series
  • Complete line of Current and Legacy Basler Static Exciters
  • GE Amplidyne Voltage Regulators with Shaft Driven DC Generator
  • GE Analog Voltage Regulators
  • PPT/Excitation Transformer Static Exciter Systems
  • SCT/PPT Exciter System
  • GE Digital EX2000 Exciter System
  • GE Digital EX2000 w/LCI Gas Turbine Static Start (7FA)
  • GE Digital EX2100 Exciter System
  • Toshiba Excitation Systems