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NERC Reliability Compliance Gap Analysis

The NERC Reliability Compliance Gap Analysis is designed to assist power industry sector companies prepare for NERC Regional Compliance Audits. This consulting is focused on identifying the gaps between current documentation and the every changing requirements for NERC compliance. Upon completion of the audit, RMPS, Inc. provides the client with a road map for and closing these gaps in preparation for upcoming NERC Compliance Audits.

RMPS, Inc. provides the personnel to conduct the Gap Analysis utilizing a process based on DOE Best Practices and Methodology. A detailed review will be conducted to determine which Standards are applicable to your facilities based on your required NERC registration as a Load Serving Entity, Distribution Provider, Generation Owner and/or Operator.


  • Identify which standards you must comply with. Keep in mind that some standards are not yet final and even those that have been approved are subject to change
  • Identify data needed to demonstrate Compliance and what tools and processes will be needed to manage the Compliance Process
  • Identify key individuals responsible for each standard
  • Assess Current verses fully Compliant Status and identify gaps
  • Prepare a plan to remedy each deficiency
  • Prioritize deficiency remedies
  • Implement remedies
  • Ensure ongoing data compilation for Compliance