RMPS, Inc. Serving the Power Industry 24/7

´╗┐Rocky Mountain Power Services, Inc.

RMPS, Inc. provides testing, maintenance, repair, and upgrade services that promote long-term, efficient operation of electrical power generation and distribution systems. We provide personnel to all parts of the World, servicing utilities, independent power producers, and industrial clients with generation systems to 1650 MW.

As the utility sector technology is continually advancing, so is RMPS, Inc. with factory training and state of the art test equipment. Power generation and distribution equipment evaluation and maintenance are critical to system security and reliability.

Additionally, RMPS, Inc. will allow your facility to meet recently mandated NERC Model Validation testing and other Reliability Standard reporting requirements.

Our DBE certifications may offer you an added benefit to working with us by fulfilling procurement policies that your company may be required to meet.

One of our core missions is our dedication to building strong, sustaining relationships with our customers.